• Self Care Tips for a Happy Healthy Mind

    I thought I would break up my Australia Travel Diaries with something a bit different. As last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought I would share some Self Care Tips for a Happy Healthy Mind.

    Drink lots of water.
    This is such a simple thing to do as part of self care. It has so many different benefits, and yet it’s something a lot of people forget to do. I’m normally quite good at drinking enough water throughout the day but if I’m out all day or if I’m doing lots of things I do sometimes forget and I can really feel the repercussions of it the next day. It can help with under-eye darkness and also to help clear up problematic skin.

    Do something that makes you happy.
    Now this could be anything from going shopping, seeing friends/family for a catch up, doing your makeup extra fancy or watching your favourite tv show, literally anything that makes you happy.

    Do something to help clear your mind and relax.
    So for me, to help clear my mind I like to draw. I used to draw all the time when I was younger and at school but ever since leaving school I just got out the habit of doing it and recently started again and never realised just how therapeutic it is for me. My mind completely empties and I feel so calm and relaxed whilst drawing. It might be the same for you or maybe reading a book, doing some cleaning, really what ever works best for you.

    Treat yourself.
    Now this could be something as simple as treating your self to your favourite snack, maybe buying that makeup item you’ve been wanting for a while, having a glass of wine at the end of the day. However you want to treat yourself, however big or small.

    Have some ‘me’ time.
    This one is similar to doing something that clears your mind or relaxes you, so it could be having a relaxing bubble bath while listening to your favourite podcast, spending some time painting your nails or listening to some feel good music. Just some time where you really focus on yourself.

    Declutter or organise/re-organise.
    Having a declutter of your wardrobe or that drawer that’s just filled with random things can really help to cleanse your mind and make you feel a bit lighter. Or maybe just some reorganising of your room, the kitchen, whatever you feel needs to be organised. It can sometimes help to clear your thoughts and can be therapeutic, if it’s something you’ve been putting off as well it can help you then to move on to bigger things after. It’s always a good starting point.

    Hopefully you have found these Self Care tips for a happy healthy mind somewhat helpful or even just as a reminder to take care of yourself a little bit more. I think self care is something a lot of people tend to forget about or will push aside and put other things first but taking care of yourself is so important and it’s something we should all do more of.

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