• Australia Travel Diary: Sydney Part 1

    I don’t even know where to begin with my Australia blogposts, we did so much and there are so many photos I want to share with you so I guess this Part One to my Australia Travel Diaries.

    So at the end of March my family and I went to Australia for 3 weeks. We went to go and celebrate my Auntie’s 50th Birthday with her as she lives out there. We flew from Heathrow to Sydney with a stop over at Abu Dhabi.

    First I wanted to talk about the service that Heathrow Airport offers for people with hidden illnesses/disabilities. They offer special assistance for anyone with a hidden illness or disability no matter how big or small, you can ask for a sunflower lanyard to wear around the airport which lets the staff know that you may require assistance.

    I had wheelchair assistance for my journey to Sydney, we booked this through our airline so I had assistance for each flight and at each airport from leaving Heathrow all the way to Sydney and then all the way home too.
    I found it helped me so much in reserving my energy and relieving a lot of anxiety and stress I get around travelling. To begin with I felt so silly being in a wheelchair as I am able to walk, it just helps me save my energy and relieves any pain I’m in too. I needed all my energy for when we landed in Sydney as we went straight into sight seeing.

    We landed in Sydney about 6:30am, but we couldn’t check in to our apartment until 2pm so we went and dropped our bags off and then went off to start to explore. We ended up in a pub at 9am and started on the beers haha.

    Our trip started with a surprise. The original plan was once we had landed in Sydney we would have a few days exploring there and then fly to Brisbane to then go and see our family. But our family from Brisbane flew to Sydney to surprise us, so we got a few extra days with them exploring.

    We were so happy to be in Sydney. It was my first time there and I loved it! I’m not normally a city person, I don’t like how busy and crowded they are but Sydney was so different. Everyone was so chilled, nobody was rushing around like they do in London. It just had a very chilled vibe about it.

    (This photo makes me laugh so much. My face is so puffy from the flight and from being tired but I was so happy to be in Australia I couldn’t stop smiling.)

    On our second day in Sydney we had much better weather than when we arrived, so we wanted to make the most of it and do as much sight seeing as we could. First stop was Manly. We got the fast ferry from the Harbour across to Manly, it only took about 10 minutes which was good considering my sister and stepbrother get very sea sick so the quicker it was the better.

    We didn’t see much of Manly as we moved on quite quickly but what we did see of it, was gorgeous!

    Next stop was Bondi. I completely fell in love with Bondi! It is the most beautiful place, it has the most chilled vibe! We went at the weekend so the beach was pretty busy but even so it wasn’t chaotic like it would be at a British beach, everyone is so chilled and calm.
    The views were just incredible, I could stand there all day just gazing out to sea.

    After we went to Bondi we went to go and see the Birdcages at Angel Place in Sydney. It’s such a beautiful place and yet it’s never busy so I would highly recommend visiting there if you’re ever passing.

    When you walk underneath the Birdcages you can hear birds chirping and all of the names of the different types of birds are carved on the floor below.
    It is really amazing and mesmerising.

    I’m going to leave it here for this post otherwise it will go on forever, so this is the end of Part 1 in Sydney of my Australia Travel Diaries! I hope you have enjoyed looking at my travels in Sydney so far and stay tuned for the next one.


    1. Chris Sutton
      8th May 2019 / 7:39 pm

      Hi Katie, thanks for sharing your experience, you should be very proud of yourself for achieving your trip to Australia. It’s also very helpful to other fellow sufferers to know how to cope when traveling . Sharing tips is always welcome. Looking forward to the next installment.
      Chris Sutton

      • katietennent
        8th May 2019 / 8:11 pm

        Thank you so much! I will be doing a post on travelling with a chronic illness in the near future in hopes that it can help others.

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