• Chronic Illness: What you see vs What you don’t see

    Being diagnosed with a Chronic Illness is hard and confusing enough but when it’s an invisible illness too it’s hard to act normal/do normal things without people thinking you’re faking it.

    Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome comes with many symptoms and struggles including constant fatigue, all over pain, memory issues, brain fog, headaches/migraines and the list goes on.

    As it is an “invisible illness” a lot of people struggle to believe that you can be suffering and struggling with these symptoms as much as you do because you can look “fine”. No one can really fully understand it unless they have experienced it too, it can be so debilitating and draining not only to be dealing with these symptoms but to try and convince people that you are actually suffering and not making it up. Even on days when I’m in pain and extremely tired, I still want to enjoy my day so I try and make the most of it and smile and laugh with my friends or work colleagues and yet doing this most people just assume I’m fine and feeling better, when in reality I’m still feeling all those things it’s just sometimes it’s more manageable than others.

    You never know what someone is really going through or how someone is really feeling, and sometimes I think we can all be a little bit too quick to judge. I want to try and spread a little bit of awareness on invisible illnesses as it can be hard trying to prove to others that you are actually suffering and anyone with a chronic illness/invisible illness shouldn’t have to do that.

    We all just need to be a little more mindful and positive towards others. You never know what someone is going through.


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