• What I got up to in October..

    I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut the last few weeks on blogpost ideas, so I thought I would just share with you a few things I got up to in October as I feel like I was very busy (which is very unusual for me) and share some photos I took too.

    At the beginning of the month I decided to redecorate my bedroom. It started off with a trip to Ikea to get some little decor pieces, and then I got my sister to help move all of my furniture out of my room and started on painting the ceiling. I managed to get the ceiling painted in one evening, I just freshened it up with a coat of white paint.

    I then started on the skirting boards are door frame and painted those white too. Once that was all dry, I then started doing the cutting in with the colour I had chosen to paint the walls which was ‘Urban Grey’ from one of Wilko’s own paints.
    I managed to do all the skirting boards, door frame, cutting in (2 coats) and all the walls (2 coats) in one day! (I was pretty proud of myself to be honest) I started at 10am that morning and then finished at 7:30pm with probably only a half hour break to have a snack. It was safe to say I was extremely tired after that and felt like I had done a full body workout haha.









    The colour I had before was quite a dark, smokey grey and the colour I went      for this time is a lot brighter and softer.
    (The colour I chose is the swatch on the right)











    I’m really happy with how my room has turned out, there’s just a few little things left I want to do before it’s completely finished. Also I’m thinking of maybe doing a gallery wall of different prints on the wall above my bed as I feel like it’s a little bit bare.


    I had a lovely weekend away at The New Forest with my Dad and Sister. On the Saturday we were quite lucky with the weather and actually had a rather warm day. We spent most of the Saturday just sat outside in the sun playing with the dogs. Later in the afternoon we went for a walk along the beach to the nearby pub for a couple of drinks. I really love The New Forest, it’s so beautiful and there’s just something about it that whenever I’m there it makes feel so calm and relaxed.


    Although looking back now it doesn’t seem like I got up to much but I felt very busy at the time haha. What did you get up to last month? x


    1. Shola
      5th November 2018 / 2:31 pm

      Looks like you had a fab October! Your bedroom looks super cosy and cute x

      • katietennent
        5th November 2018 / 3:23 pm

        It was really good! Aw thank you x

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