• My 5 Autumnal Lip Picks

    As we’re now fully into Autumn I wanted to share with you some of my go-to Autumnal lipstick shades. It’s now appropriate to bring out all the dark, berry and all the Autumnal nude lipsticks and rock them now the weather is finally getting colder. You’ve got to love all the berry shades at this time of year, you just can’t beat wearing a dark lip. So here are some if my favourites..

    MAC Matte Lipstick in Stone.

    This is one of my all time favourites, it’s such a statement lipstick without being bright! It’s a dark brown shade, I would say it’s a bit bolder than a nude but still not too much colour. I like to wear this with a simple eye look, just with lashes, to keep the lipstick as the main focus of the look.


    MAC Matte Lipstick in D for Danger.

    D for Danger is a really pretty deep, berry red. The perfect Autumnal colour for me!! This colour looks perfect with a pretty gold shimmery eye look, as the lipstick is a matte finish a little bit of shimmer on the eyes is a perfect match.


    Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Colour in Crown Jewel.

    This new formula from Bobbi Brown is amazing! It’s a matte finish but I find it’s not drying on the lips at all, and the colour stays all day. Crown Jewel is a berry purple/pink, a true Autumnal shade I think. I like to keep my eye makeup fairly simple with this lipstick with just liner and lashes as it’s a bold shade.

    Bobbi Brown Artstick in Rose Brown.

    This one is so easy to wear, comfortable on the lips, stays all day and the colour is just so pretty. It’s a warm mauve-y brown, which is just my perfect shade! I love a mauve toned lipstick and this is the perfect one for Autumn as it still has some warmth to it. With this shade I can get away with a bit of a heavier eye look as it’s not too dark or bold.

    Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow’n’Arrow.

    This is my go-to nude lipstick, and I know you can wear a nude lipstick all year round but this one I find myself only reaching for it in the Autumn/Winter months and never really in Summer or Spring. It’s staying power is just incredible, it managed to stay on all day and then was still on after eating a Sunday roast dinner (without reapplying), and if it can stay on through that then I think it can stay on through anything haha. This shade goes with pretty much any eye look, so it’s the perfect nude really.


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