• My evening self care routine..

    Recently I have felt like I’ve needed to take care of myself a little bit better, and the main way I can feel better is by relaxing and having a good nights sleep. I have so much trouble falling asleep so I have been trying a few different things to see if anything can help.

    I thought I would share my evening self care routine I have found helpful recently. (I don’t do this exact routine every night, it’s more a once or twice a week kind of thing)


    To start with I do my skincare. First of all I like to cleanse my face and remove any makeup I’ve had on during the day, my favourite cleanser at the moment is the Origins Original Skin Cleansing Jelly. It does a really good job of removing my makeup and my skin feels so clean afterwards. Once I’ve cleansed I have been loving using the Pixi Glow Tonic, it makes my skin feel so refreshed and preps my skin for my moisturiser. I have been using and loving the Botanics All Bright eye roll-on eye cream, it’s so soothing when applying as the applicator is a metal roll-on ball. This helps keep my under eyes nice and hydrated which helps brighten my dark circles. So to treat my skin a bit I use the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask, I use this once or twice a week. But especially when I’m exhausted and fatigued and my skin is looking/feeling a bit dull, I’ll apply this before bed to try and bring my skin back to life a bit. (It also smells amazingggggg!!)


    I recently bought The Body Shop Body Yogurt in the Almond Milk scent and have been absolutely loving it. I like to apply this on my legs before bed to make sure they’re nice and moisturised (especially now we’re getting closer to summer and hot weather).

    Another new purchase is the Lush Sleepy body lotion, this has such a relaxing lavender smell. I like to apply this on my chest and arms so I can breathe in the smell of it while I sleep. Before I use these two products I like to cover my pillow with the This Works deep sleep pillow spray.

    The Lush Sleepy body lotion and the This Works deep sleep pillow spray both help to relax me making it easier for me to fall asleep. Having a decent night sleep is so important for me, because of my chronic fatigue I need a minimum of 9 hours sleep a night for me to function semi-normally. It’s a struggle for me to get that much sleep though because I can never fall asleep, no matter how tired I am. So this routine is in hopes that it can help me fall asleep.

    So far it has been doing a good job! (thankfully haha)

    If you have any other products you find relaxing, or that help you fall asleep please let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for reading! x


    1. 9th June 2018 / 9:32 am

      Oh I love Lush’s Sleepy body lotion so much! Have you tried their Twilight bath bomb? It has the same scent, bathing in it is super relaxing.
      I have a lot of issues sleeping too, I swear by drinking the Clipper Sleep Easy tea to just help my mind turn off to actually drift off to sleep, and I sleep really deeply after drinking it – if this helps you at all 🙂 x

      • 9th June 2018 / 5:44 pm

        Ooh no I haven’t tried that one actually, I’ll definitely get one next time though! Oh that’s interesting, I’ll try that too! Thank you so much! Xx

    2. 14th June 2018 / 10:06 pm

      I so badly want to try Lush’s Sleepy lotion, it sounds amazing! I adore your photos, so cosy and beautiful 😀 I suffer from Chronic Fatigue too and it is much worse for me when I have to wake up early >< I get so sicky and sleepy and feel so desperately ill! It's so nice to find someone that has it too 😀 xx

      elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
      (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

      • 15th June 2018 / 10:59 am

        It’s soo nice, I just feel really relaxed once I’ve applied it! Aw thank you so much! Oh really?! Yeah morning are not good for me either, it’s such a struggle to even just wake up and get up😩 it is really nice finding other people that have it too, it can be so lonely if you don’t have someone to talk to! Xx

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