• Snow day in March

    Honestly, how is it March already?! In the UK we had a bit of a strange start to March, instead of the daffodils starting to bloom we had snow!!

    No matter how inconvenient snow can be, you can’t deny how beautiful it is. It makes everything look 10 times prettier and just adds a sense of calm for me.

    On the Friday, I got sent home from work early due to the snow so I took the opportunity to go for a walk in my village and take some nice pictures.



    Hat: New Look. Coat: Primark. Jumper: New Look.


    Although I do love the snow and how pretty it is, I am definitely ready for Spring and warmer weather! Bring on Spring and Summer!!

    I hope you enjoy the snow if you had any where you are and I hope you enjoyed reading this post and my pictures of the snow! x

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