• 5 self care tips..


    Today I have some self care tips to share with you. Recently I haven’t been feeling all that well and have been using some of these tips to help me feel better. I hope you find them useful too.

    1. Relax.
      Relaxing when you’re not feeling well or feeling stressed is the best thing to help you start feeling better. Wether you have a nice hot relaxing bath, whilst watching Netflix, reading a book or listening to an audio book, watching a film, writing or colouring, whatever helps you relax, do it!
    2. Mess can cause stress.
      Being in a messy/cluttered environment can cause you stress or make you more stressed than you already are, so tidying and decluttering can help relieve your stress. (especially your bedroom as it’s the place you sleep and relax, if that’s tidy you can relax better!)


    3. Being organised.
    Being organised can help you to stay focused and less stressed. I find having a bullet journal helps me and using weekly planners. I like to know what I’m doing and when so I don’t have to worry about what I’m doing, if I’m late or if I’ve missed something!

    4. Getting enough sleep.
    Getting enough sleep is definitely important when it comes to looking after yourself! If you’re tired during the day you won’t be as focused at whatever it is you’re doing and won’t be doing it at your best ability. So getting enough sleep is vital. I like to use the ThisWorks deep sleep pillow spray, it helps me to drift off to sleep really easily and helps me to have a peaceful sleep.

    Having a notebook by your bed is good too if you find yourself thinking a lot before you’re going to sleep so you can write down all of your thoughts and that will help to kind of ‘declutter’ your mind.


    5. Drink lots of water.
    Drinking lots of water is good for you in so many different ways. The first thing is it obviously helps you to stay hydrated which will help you to feel less tired, it can also help with dark circles under your eyes. Drinking water also helps to flush out any toxins in your body which helps to keep you nice and healthy and it can help improve your skin complexion and who doesn’t want help with that?!

    I hope you enjoyed this post and find these self care tips useful! Thank you so much for reading! X

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