• Family Sunday walk through the snowdrops..


    On Sunday some of my family and I decided to all go for a walk together at Welford Park to see the snowdrops. It was bitterly cold that day, so big thick coats and bobble hats were definitely needed! It was such a lovely afternoon, spending some quality time together as well as seeing the beautiful snowdrops all in bloom.


    After possibly the longest month ever, this walk was definitely what I needed! Some fresh air, quiet time and quality family time was the best way to start off the month. I am trying to be a bit more adventurous this year and although this seems like such a small thing, for me just getting out of the house (apart from going to work) is kind of a big deal. I just prefer to stay at home and have a chilled day by myself, because just being around other people uses so much of my energy and leaves me super tired but I’m trying to push myself a bit more this year and say yes to more opportunities and experiences.


    I will try and post a bit more this month so keep an eye out for those. Thank you so much for reading! x

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