• Current makeup favourites..

    As we are quickly approaching the end of the month I thought I would share some of my current makeup favourites from the last month or so.



    Maybelline fit me matte+poreless foundation, Too Faced ‘sweetheart’ baked bronzer, Bobbi Brown corrector & Australis fresh and flawless pressed powder.

    My favourite foundation recently has been the Maybelline fit me matte+poreless, it gives such a nice medium to full coverage without being too thick or cakey. I wouldn’t particularly say it’s a complete matte finish, more of a semi matte, but I still love it!

    I have been obsessed with the Australis fresh & flawless pressed powder, it is only available in Australia though I believe, my mum recently went to Australia and brought me back a few of these powders in a few different colours, the one I’ve been using most is ‘light beige’. It adds just a little bit of coverage to the skin as well as setting my foundation in place and mattifying any areas with excess shine.

    The Too Faced ‘sweetheart’ baked luminous bronzer is just something else, it gives such a lovely bronzed, sunkissed glow to the face. It’s not too orange, not too shimmery either as it is a luminous bronzer it just gives a subtle glow.


    Bobbi Brown corrector.

    This Bobbi Brown corrector is something I could not live without now! You apply this corrector under your eyes and because of its pinky tones it will cover any blue/purple tones under the eyes so its perfect to cover any dark circles. It really brightens up your face as it’s taken away the darkness from under the eyes.

    My colour is ‘extra light bisque’, so for me I have blue/purple tones under my eyes so I need the bisque tone which is more pinky, but if you have brown/green tones under your eyes you would need their peach shades as that will help cover the darkness for your skin tone. Sometimes with the corrector it can look slightly artificially bright due to the tones in it, so you would need to put a small amount of concealer on top to bring it back to a natural skin tone.


    Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara.

    Another Bobbi Brown product I love at the moment is the Eye Opening mascara, it adds volume to your lashes as well as lengthening them. And as its name states, it really does open up your eyes.


    bhcosmetics Carli Bybel palette.

    My favourite palette at the moment is the Bh Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette. All the colours are so wearable and they all go with each other. They are really pigmented shadows too, the shimmer shades are so buttery and soft and they all blend so nicely together. The highlight shades as incredible as well, they’re so pigmented and give such a nice glow.


    Makeup Geek shadows.

    I have also been loving the makeup geek shadows recently, I don’t have many as I wanted to see how they blended before I bought loads, and I can definitely say that they blend out sooo easily! The colour pay off as well is amazing, the colour in the pan is the same as the one that will be blended on your eyelid, as I have found with some other shadows can change colour slightly once they’re applied.

    The colours I have here from left to right are ‘beaches and cream’, ‘cocoa bear’ and ‘bitten’.


    New look pure colour matte liquid lip colour in ‘mink’ and Bobbi Brown lip pencil in ‘pale mauve’.


    Best damn beauty lip mask.

    My favourite lip combo the last few weeks has been the New Look pure colour matte liquid lip colour in ‘mink’ with Bobbi Brown’s lip pencil in ‘pale mauve’ underneath. The colours together are sooo pretty, they make such a nice peachy mauve colour, the perfect colour for spring I think.

    And finally to go underneath any liquid lip or any lip product is the Best Damn Beauty lip mask. This lip mask is so creamy and nourishing on the lips, its perfect to go under a matte liquid lip, as it keeps the lips nourished but you still get a matte finish. I also like to apply it before I go to sleep at night so I never have dry lips.


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