• Cornwall photo diary (part 2)

    So this is the second part to my Cornwall trip photo diary. In this post there are a few of the photos I took from our day in St Ives and our day visiting St Michael’s Mount.

    St Ives was so pretty and it had such a nice feel to it. The weather wasn’t too great on this day, it was quite overcast and a bit chilly but when the sun came out every now and again it got rather warm.



    At the beach we saw a crowd of people stood on the little pier so we went over to see what they were all looking at and there were two wild seals swimming around! It was amazing!



    St Michael’s Mount.


    St Michael’s Mount was such a lovely place to look around, it was a bit of a trek with lots of steep steps but was worth it once we got to the top.
    I really enjoyed visiting Cornwall and completely fell in love with the place. I can’t wait to go back again and visit some other places. Hope you enjoyed! X


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