• Cornwall photo diary (part 1)

    In July earlier this summer I went on a camping trip with my family to Cornwall, I never realized just how beautiful Cornwall was until this holiday!  I had such a lovely time and completely fell in love with the place.

    On our first full day we went to Kynance Cove and spent the day laying in the sun. We all bought wet suits to go snorkeling, but the water was just too cold for me so I never went in, other than my feet! I couldn’t get over just how clear the water was, it was insane! It really felt like we were abroad.


    We also went to The Eden Project while in Cornwall, it was so pretty with all the different plants and flowers! The main reason we went to The Eden Project was because we all had a zip wire booked going right over the top of The Eden Project, and it was honestly amazing! The view was just incredible!


    First we went into the Rainforest Biome, it was boiling in here! We tried to walk around and look at everything as quick as we could before we melted!


    After we had been in the Rainforest Biome we went into the Mediterranean Biome and this had the prettiest plants in and cute little set ups everywhere.


    And that is all for the first part of my Cornwall photo diary, I will be doing another post with some photos from the rest of my trip. Hope you enjoyed! X



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